1. Hand selects the finest materials to insure best wood grain and color consistency. All wood materials are kilned dry at least 20 days to reach moisture content of 8% and below.
  2. SAP Stain/Equalizer Process (REL stain base): A stain base agent is applied to prepare the surface of the materials achieve its consistency.
  3. Pre Stain Process also called smooth coat (NGR/REL stain): A non-grain-raising stain is applied to maximize the smoothness of the surface.
  4. Body Stain Process (REL save stain); A REL save stain is applied as base coat to enrich the color of the finish.
  5. Wash Coat Process: A 7% - 10% clear Lacquer or Vinyl wash coat is applied as the first durable sealer.
  6. Sanding Process: Hand sand process completes the smoothness of the finish.
  7. High Lighting process: Hand wiped process brings out the beauty of natural wood.
  8. 2nd coat of sealing process.
  9. 2nd Sanding process (hand sand).
  10. Surface distress (if applicable).
  11. First Lacquer process.
  12. Padding Stain: Hand padding stain process to bring out the natural contrast of the wood finish.
  13. 2nd Lacquer process.
  14. 3rd Sanding process (hand sanding).
  15. Top coat process: Oven baking process creates a durable, long lasting top coat.